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Xerath’s Essentials in 3 Minutes

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This guide aims to provide players with a detailed understanding of how to maximize Xerath’s potential in both mid and support roles in under 3 minutes.

Your Quick Mid Guide

Quick Reference for Xerath Mid: Essential Runes, Combos, Spells, and Core Items in League of Legends.

Your Quick Support Guide

Quick Reference for Xerath Support: Essential Runes, Combos, Spells, and Core Items in League of Legends.


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Xerath's Core Items in League of Legends: Sorcerer's Shoes, Luden's Tempest and Horizon Focus.

Core Items Versus High HP Teams:

Xerath's Core Items in League of Legends vs High HP Enemies: Liandry’s Anguish and Shadowflame.

Alternative Item Builds

  • While we’ve discussed core items, it’s essential to adapt based on the game’s flow. Facing a team with heavy magic resist? Consider adding a Void Staff.
Void Staff Icon From League of Legends.
  • If the enemy has a lot of crowd control, a Banshee’s Veil can be a lifesaver. Always assess the situation and adjust your build accordingly.
Banshee's Veil Icon From League of Legends.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter Icon From League of Legends

Combos and Mechanics

Quick list of combos and mechanics:

Extended E Range Combo

Xerath's Extended E Combo Visual: Showcasing Skill Sequence and Timing for Optimal Crowd Control.

Reliable Ultimate Combo

Xerath's Reliable Ultimate Combo: Demonstrating Precision Shots and Timing for Maximum Impact.

Extended Q Range Combo

Xerath's Flash-Extended Q Combo: Utilizing Flash to Amplify Arcanopulse's Range and Surprise Opponents.

Max Damage Long Range Combo

Xerath's Max Long-Range Combo: Perfecting the Q-E-W-R Sequence for Ultimate Reach and Burst Damage.

Standard Stun Combo

Xerath's Standard Stun Combo: Executing the E-W-Q Sequence for Reliable Crowd Control and Damage.

Poke Combo

Xerath's Poke Combo: Utilizing the W-Q Sequence for Optimal Harassment and Ranged Damage.

Burst Timing Combo

Xerath's Burst Timing Combo: Executing the W-E-Q Sequence for Sudden Damage and Precise Control.

Mobility Compensation

Flash Icon in League of Legends VideogameGhost's Icon in League of Legends Videogame

Given Xerath’s lack of inherent mobility, it’s crucial to enhance his ability to navigate the battlefield. The recommended summoner spells are Flash and Ghost, which collectively provide both escape and chase potential.

Champion Select Strategy

Xerath’s versatility and resilience against counters make him a valuable asset in champion select. Players can confidently first-pick Xerath after they master it, allowing teammates to make informed choices without the fear of being countered.

Matchups and Counters: While Xerath stands tall against many champions, it’s essential to know the battlefield. Champions with high mobility or those who can dive can pose a threat. For instance, while you might have the range advantage against a Zed or LeBlanc, their ability to close the gap quickly can be a challenge. On the flip side, Xerath can easily dominate champions who lack mobility or engage tools. Knowledge is power, so familiarize yourself with these matchups to always have the upper hand.

Early Game Tactics

During the laning phase, Xerath players have two primary strategies:

  • Aggressive Push: Utilize Xerath’s range to pressure the opponent under their tower, potentially drawing attention from the enemy jungler.
  • Defensive Farming: In matchups against assassins like Fizz, it’s advisable to play conservatively, focusing on farming and positioning safely.

It’s essential to strike a balance; while pushing, ensure you’re also harassing the enemy champion. Successfully lowering their health can mitigate the threat of jungle ganks.

Ultimate Utilization

Xerath’s ultimate, due to its significant early damage and vast range, can dictate the game’s tempo. Players should frequently scan the map, capitalizing on opportunities to assist allies or secure kills.

Mid Game Strategy

Post the 14-minute mark, Xerath begins to emerge as a significant threat. A benchmark for success is achieving 180 AP by the 18th minute, factoring in both runes and items. Upon reaching level 9, switching to the blue trinket is advised for enhanced vision.

Safety Precautions

Given his immobility, Xerath players should exercise caution. When traversing areas without vision, ensure at least one summoner spell is available. This precaution reduces the risk of unexpected confrontations.

Warding Tips: Vision wins games, and for an immobile champion like Xerath, it’s even more critical. When playing mid, ward the river’s side bushes and the pixel brush to safeguard against jungle ganks. If you’re venturing deep, dropping a ward at the enemy jungle’s exit paths can give you ample warning. As support, the river, tri-bush, and dragon or Baron pits are your best friends. Keep them warded, and you’ll not only protect yourself but also provide invaluable information for your team.

Target Prioritization

While Xerath excels at targeting ADCs and APCs, it’s also viable to focus on squishy supports like Janna, Senna, and Zyra during mid-game skirmishes. Tanks and fighters should generally be secondary targets unless aiding an ally’s escape or securing a kill.

Gameplay Dynamics: League of Legends is as much about strategy as it is about skill. As Xerath, you’re not just a damage dealer; you’re also a zone controller. Use your abilities to shape the battlefield, forcing enemies to move where you want them. This not only sets up kills but also protects your team.

Skill Mastery

Xerath Charging and Successfully Striking with Arcanopulse (Q).

Xerath’s effectiveness heavily relies on accurately landing skill shots, necessitating consistent practice. During teamfights, maintain a position in the backline, always being vigilant of potential threats.

Late Game Approach

In the game’s later stages, Xerath’s damage output becomes formidable. It’s crucial to initiate with his ultimate before teamfights, capitalizing on its high damage and range.

Support Role Nuances

In the support role, Imperial Mandate stands out as a core item. Skill sequencing is vital; initiate with E, followed by W and Q to set up kills for your ADC. 

Playing Xerath as support is a unique experience. Beyond just poking and zoning, consider your ADC’s playstyle. If they’re aggressive, use your abilities to set up kills. If they’re more passive, focus on zoning and protecting. And always, always keep an eye out for the enemy jungler. Your wards are your best defense against unexpected ganks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xerath difficult to master?

While Xerath’s concept is straightforward, mastering his skill shots and positioning can be challenging. However, with practice, players can become formidable Xerath mains.

Can Xerath be played in roles other than mid?

Yes, besides mid, Xerath is also played as a support due to his poke and crowd control capabilities. However, mid remains his primary role.

How do I manage Xerath's mana effectively?

Xerath can be mana-intensive, especially if you’re frequently casting spells. To manage his mana:

  • Prioritize last-hitting with basic attacks and use your Q sparingly in the early game.
  • Consider items like Lost Chapter (which builds into Luden’s Tempest) for mana sustain.
  • Utilize the Manaflow Band rune, which restores mana upon hitting enemy champions with abilities.
  • Be mindful of your passive, Mana Surge, which restores mana when you auto-attack champions (and a smaller amount when attacking minions).
How does Xerath fare against assassins?

Xerath can struggle against assassins, especially those who can quickly close the gap. Proper positioning and timely use of his E are crucial when facing such champions.

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