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Seraphine Simplified: 3-Minute Mastery Guide

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Quick 3-minute guide that will have you hitting the high notes with Seraphine in no time. 

Your Quick Mid Guide

Quick Reference for Seraphine Mid: Essential Runes, Combos, Spells, and Items in League of Legends.

Your Quick Support Guide

Quick Reference for Seraphine Support: Essential Runes, Combos, Spells, and Items in League of Legends.


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Efficient 4th Item Pick Versus Long Range Mages:

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Banshee's Veil

Efficient 4th Item Pick Versus Assassins:

Ahri's 4th Item Pick Versus Assassins: Zhonya's Hourglass.
Zhonya's Hourglass

Combos and Mechanics

Quick list of combos and mechanics:

Quick Trade

Seraphine's Quick Trade Combo: Sequence W, E, Q, AA.

Level 3 All-In

Seraphine's Level 3 All-In Combo: Sequence Q, E, AA, AA, W, AA, AA, Q, AA.

Standard Engage

Seraphine's Standard Engage Combo: Sequence R, E, Q, W.

Charm Conceal

Seraphine's Charm Conceal Combo: Sequence E, R, Q, W, AA.

Flash Burst

Seraphine's Charm Conceal Combo: Sequence R, Flash, E, Q, W, AA.

How to Play Seraphine: Mid-Lane vs. Support

Early Game – Laning Phase:


  • Poke and Farm: Use your Q (High Note) to poke opponents and farm minions. Conserve mana for potential all-ins or ganks.
  • Map Awareness: With limited mobility, warding and watching for enemy jungler movements is crucial.
  • Double-Cast for Trades: Utilize her passive to double-cast abilities, especially E (Beat Drop) for crowd control during trades.


  • Harmonious Protection: Focus on shielding and healing your ADC with W (Surround Sound). Use your passive to double-cast for enhanced effects.
  • Zone Control: Use E (Beat Drop) to zone enemies and control the lane, setting up potential kills.
  • Vision: Regularly ward river and tri-brush to prevent enemy ganks.


Mid Game – Roaming and Objectives:


  • Roaming: Look for opportunities to assist other lanes. Your crowd control can turn skirmishes in your team’s favor.
  • Objective Assistance: Provide utility and crowd control during Dragon or Rift Herald contests.


  • Warding Objectives: Ensure vision around Dragon and other key areas.
  • Peeling: Protect your ADC and other carries during skirmishes, using your abilities to peel off threats.
  • Ultimate Engage: Use your R (Encore) to initiate fights or disengage when needed.


Late Game – Team Fights and Sieges:


  • Positioning: Stay in the backline, dishing out damage with Q and looking for ultimate opportunities.
  • Chain Ultimate: Use R (Encore) in conjunction with allies for chained crowd control, disrupting the enemy team.
  • Poke and Siege: When pushing lanes, consistently poke enemies, making it challenging for them to defend.


  • Team Buffs: Continuously shield and heal allies, amplifying their efforts in team fights.
  • Crowd Control: Look for opportunities to root or charm multiple enemies, setting up advantageous fights.
  • Protect and Peel: Ensure your carries remain safe, using your abilities to deter threats and control the battlefield.

Quick Tips

Double-Cast Mastery

Remember that every third ability Seraphine casts will echo, casting it again. Use this strategically, especially with her E for crowd control or her W for enhanced healing.

Ultimate Chain

Seraphine’s R (Encore) can chain through champions, extending its range and impact. Look for opportunities to use this in clustered team fights or to catch out distant enemies.


Due to her squishy nature, always position yourself in the backline during team fights. This allows you to safely dish out damage and support while staying out of immediate danger.

Harmonize with Allies

Seraphine’s abilities can be amplified when near allies. For instance, her passive grants bonus attack range and damage when casting abilities near teammates.

Wave Management

In the mid-lane, use her Q to poke and farm, but be mindful of pushing the lane too far without proper vision, as she’s vulnerable to ganks.

Adaptive Playstyle

Seraphine can be played both aggressively and defensively. Adapt your playstyle based on the game’s flow and your team’s needs.

Skillshot Accuracy

Practice landing her E (Beat Drop) consistently. It’s a crucial skillshot for her kit, providing both poke and crowd control.

Mana Management

Especially in the early game, be mindful of your mana. While it’s tempting to consistently poke with Q, running out of mana can leave you vulnerable.


Seraphine pairs exceptionally well with champions that have engage or chain CC. Coordinate with such teammates for devastating combos.

Adapt Builds

Depending on your role and position (mid or support) and the game’s state, adapt your item build. Whether you need more damage, utility, or survivability, Seraphine’s versatile kit allows for various build paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seraphine easy to play?

Seraphine is designed with a straightforward kit, making her accessible for beginners. Her abilities are more utility-focused, emphasizing crowd control and team support rather than complex combos. However, mastering her requires understanding positioning, timing, and effective use of her passive and ultimate in team fights. While she might be easy to pick up, there’s depth in her gameplay for those looking to optimize her potential.

How do I get better at Seraphine?

Improving with Seraphine involves several steps:

  • Practice: Spend time playing her in different roles to understand her strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ability Timing: Learn when to use her abilities, especially her W and Ultimate, for maximum impact.
  • Positioning: Given her utility and crowd control, positioning is crucial. Stay behind frontline champions in team fights and use your range to your advantage.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your build and runes based on the enemy team composition and your team’s needs.
  • Watch and Learn: View gameplay videos or streams of high-ranked players who main Seraphine to pick up advanced strategies and tips.
Which lane to play Seraphine?

Seraphine is versatile and can be played in multiple lanes. She is primarily seen as a Support or Mid laner. As a Support, she offers crowd control, healing, and shields to assist her ADC. In the Mid lane, she can be built more offensively, utilizing her abilities for poke and wave clear. While these are her primary roles, some players experiment with her in other positions, but Support and Mid are where she shines the most.

How good is Seraphine support?

Seraphine excels as a Support due to her utility-heavy kit. Her abilities provide shields, heals, crowd control, and zone control, making her a valuable asset in the bot lane. Her Ultimate, “Encore,” can be a game-changer in team fights, especially when combined with other champions’ crowd control abilities. Additionally, her passive allows her to amplify her abilities when near allies, further enhancing her supportive capabilities. With the right ADC partner, Seraphine can dominate the bot lane and provide significant value in team fights.

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