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How to Farm CS and Improve Your Last Hitting in League of Legends

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Perfect Farm Chart in League of Legends.

How can you effectively farm in League of Legends?

Farming in League of Legends is a crucial skill that every player should master. It’s the primary way to gain gold, which is essential for buying items and scaling into the late game. Here’s how to farm effectively:

  1. Understand Minion Waves: Minions are the primary source of farm. Familiarize yourself with the types of minions: melee, caster, and siege/cannon. Each has different health and gold values.
  2. Positioning: Stand at a safe distance where you can last hit minions without taking unnecessary damage from enemy champions.
  3. Practice Timing: Last hitting requires precise timing. Aim to hit the minion when its health is low enough for your attack to kill it.
  4. Watch Pro Players: Observing how professional players farm can give you insights into effective techniques and strategies.
  5. Practice in Custom Games: Dedicate time to practice farming in custom games without the pressure of opponents.
  6. Monitor Your Progress: Keep track of your CS (Creep Score) at different intervals, like 10 minutes, to gauge your improvement.
  7. Avoid Unnecessary Fights: Engaging in fights can distract you from farming. Unless you’re sure of a kill, it’s often better to focus on farming.
  8. Use League of Legends Resources Guide a treasure trove for improving your farming cs game.
  9. Stay Updated: The game is continually evolving, with patches that can affect minion health or champion damage. Stay updated to adapt your farming techniques accordingly.
Janna Last Hitting a Catapult Minion in the Bottom Lane.

What are the techniques to properly last hit minions?

Last hitting, or “farming,” is a fundamental skill in League of Legends. It refers to the act of delivering the final blow to a minion, monster, or even a turret, ensuring you receive the gold for its death. Here’s a guide to mastering this essential skill:

  • Know Your Champion’s Attack Animation: Every champion has a unique attack animation. Familiarize yourself with the wind-up and release to time your last hits accurately.
  • Practice with Different Champions: Some champions have smoother auto-attacks than others. Try out various champions to understand their last-hitting nuances.
  • Monitor Minion Health: Keep an eye on the minion’s health bar. Aim to strike when it’s low enough for your attack to finish it off.
  • Prioritize Cannon Minions: They grant the most gold. Ensure you don’t miss them.
  • Practice Under Tower: Minions under your tower can be tricky to last hit. Typically, melee minions take two tower shots and one auto-attack, while caster minions take one tower shot and one auto-attack.
  • Avoid Harassment: While farming, be wary of enemy champions looking to harass you. Position yourself safely.
  • Use Training Mode: League of Legends offers a training mode where you can practice last hitting without any disturbances.
  • Seek Feedback: Watch your replays or ask experienced players for feedback on your farming technique.
  • Stay Updated with How to Play Mid Lane in League of Legends: Different lanes have different dynamics. If you’re a mid-laner, this guide can offer specific tips.

How can you increase your farm for all future games?

Improving your farm is a continuous process that requires practice and dedication. Here’s how you can consistently increase your farm in every game:

  1. Set Goals: Aim for a specific CS (Creep Score) count by certain time marks, like 70 CS by 10 minutes.
  2. Avoid Unnecessary Roaming: While roaming can help other lanes, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your farm. Ensure you’ve pushed your wave before leaving your lane.
  3. Wave Management: Understand concepts like freezing, slow pushing, and fast pushing to control the minion wave and maximize your farm.
  4. Jungle Farming: If you’re ahead or if your jungler permits, you can take some jungle camps for extra gold.
  5. Late Game Farming: In the later stages, lanes often get ignored. Use this opportunity to farm side lanes safely.
  6. Use the Right Tools: Items like Tiamat or Statikk Shiv can help you clear waves faster.
  7. Stay Alive: It sounds obvious, but the longer you’re alive, the more opportunities you have to farm.
  8. Participate in Team Fights: Winning team fights can give you the freedom to push lanes and increase your CS.
  9. Learn from How to Play ADC: ADCs are typically the primary farmers in a team. This guide can offer role-specific farming tips.
  10. Continuous Practice: Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. Dedicate time in your gaming sessions purely for farming practice.

How can you improve your CS during the laning phase?

The laning phase is crucial for setting the tone of the game. Ensuring a high CS (Creep Score) during this phase can give you a significant advantage. Here’s how to maximize your CS during the laning phase:

  • Start with the Right Items: Depending on your champion and matchup, starting with items that enhance your last-hitting can be beneficial. For example, Doran’s Blade provides additional attack damage.
  • Control the Wave: Depending on the matchup, you might want to freeze the wave near your tower or push aggressively. Understand wave management techniques to control the minion wave.
  • Avoid Missing CS under Tower: Familiarize yourself with how many hits each type of minion can take from the tower before you can last hit them.
  • Harass without Missing CS: While it’s essential to harass your opponent, ensure it doesn’t come at the cost of missing CS.
  • Recall at the Right Time: If you need to go back to base, try to do it when the wave is pushed to the enemy tower, so you miss minimal CS.
  • Get Vision: Warding nearby bushes can protect you from jungle ganks, allowing you to farm more confidently.
  • Learn from How to Play Top: For top laners, understanding the dynamics of the top lane can significantly improve your CS during the laning phase.
  • Stay Updated: Meta changes, patches, and new champions can affect the laning phase. Stay updated to adapt your strategies accordingly.

What are the differences between last hitting under the tower and outside the tower?

Last hitting under the tower can be challenging due to the tower’s damage to minions. Understanding the differences and adapting your strategy is crucial. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Melee Minions: Typically, melee minions can take two tower shots and then require one auto-attack from you to last hit.
  2. Caster Minions: These are trickier. After one tower shot, they often need two auto-attacks, so you might need to prep them with an auto-attack before they get hit by the tower.
  3. Siege/Cannon Minions: These can take several tower shots. It’s essential to monitor their health closely and time your last hit.
  4. Safety: Last hitting under the tower is generally safer from enemy harass, but you’re also more vulnerable to dives.
  5. Wave Control: If you’re consistently last hitting under the tower, it might indicate that the enemy has wave control. Consider strategies to regain control.
  6. Using Abilities: Under the tower, you might need to use abilities more frequently to secure CS, especially for caster minions.
  7. Champion Specifics: Some champions have abilities tailored for last hitting under the tower. For instance, Nasus’s Q can be used to stack and last hit effectively.
  8. Seek Help: If you’re struggling, consider asking your jungler for assistance, either through ganks or by helping you push the wave.
  9. Practice with How to Play Jungle: Junglers can practice their last hitting under the tower when covering lanes.
  10. Stay Calm: It can be stressful, especially if the enemy is pressuring you. Stay calm, focus on your timing, and remember that practice makes perfect.
Two Melee Minions Clashing in League of Legends.

How can you set personal CS goals and achieve them?

Setting personal CS (Creep Score) goals is a great way to track your improvement in farming over time. Achieving these goals can significantly boost your in-game performance. Here’s a guide to setting and reaching your CS goals:

  • Baseline Measurement: Start by playing a few games without focusing excessively on CS. This will give you a baseline of your average CS at different time intervals.
  • Incremental Goals: If your average CS at 10 minutes is 50, aim for 55 or 60 in your next games. Gradually increase your target as you improve.
  • Use Timers: Set specific benchmarks, like 80 CS by 10 minutes or 150 CS by 20 minutes. This gives you a clear target during the game.
  • Practice in Isolation: Use the practice tool to farm without any opponent. This helps you focus solely on last hitting.
  • Review and Adjust: After each game, review your CS and compare it with your goals. Adjust your targets based on your performance.
  • Minimize Distractions: In the early game, focus more on farming and less on poking or trading unless you see a clear advantage.
  • Seek Feedback: Share your replays with experienced players or coaches. They might offer insights or tips to improve your farming.
  • Use The Best Beginner Champions for League of Legends: Some champions are easier to farm with, especially for beginners. Starting with them can help you achieve your CS goals faster.
  • Stay Updated: Patches can affect minion health or champion damage. Ensure you’re aware of these changes and adjust your farming techniques accordingly.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Whenever you achieve a CS goal, take a moment to acknowledge your improvement. This positive reinforcement can motivate you to set and achieve higher goals.

What are the challenges of last hitting under pressure?

Last hitting under pressure, especially when facing aggressive opponents or during ganks, can be challenging. Understanding these challenges can help you prepare and overcome them:

  1. Enemy Harassment: Opponents might try to poke or trade with you when you go for a last hit, making it difficult to focus on farming.
  2. Wave Control: An opponent who understands wave management can put you in unfavorable positions, forcing you to farm under conditions where it’s easy to miss CS.
  3. Jungle Threat: The constant threat of a jungle gank can make you play more conservatively, affecting your farming.
  4. Minion Aggro: When you trade with your opponent, minions might target you, making it harder to last hit and putting you at risk of taking significant damage.
  5. Skill Shots: Opponents with skill shots can zone you out, forcing you to miss CS or risk getting hit.
  6. Tower Farming: If you’re pushed under your tower, the tower’s damage can make last hitting more challenging.
  7. Mental Pressure: The stress of maintaining good CS while dealing with aggressive opponents can affect your decision-making and reaction time.
  8. Resource Management: Balancing your health and mana while trying to farm under pressure is crucial. Running out of resources can force you to back, missing out on CS.
  9. Learn from How to Play Support: A good support can alleviate some of the pressure, especially in the bot lane, by zoning out opponents or setting up favorable trades.
  10. Stay Calm and Practice: The more you practice farming under pressure, the better you’ll get at it. Over time, you’ll develop the confidence to farm efficiently, even in challenging situations.
Lucian League of Legends Splash Art.

How does last hitting impact your overall game performance?

Last hitting, or securing the final blow on a minion to gain gold, is a foundational skill in League of Legends. Its impact on your overall game performance is profound. Here’s how:

  • Gold Accumulation: Each minion last-hit grants gold. Over time, this adds up, allowing you to purchase powerful items faster than your opponent.
  • Experience Gain: While you gain experience from nearby dying minions regardless of last hitting, consistently farming ensures you stay in lane and level up faster.
  • Lane Dominance: Efficient last hitting can pressure your opponent, forcing them to respond to your wave management, giving you control over the lane.
  • Map Pressure: Proper wave management through last hitting can create opportunities for roams, helping other lanes or securing objectives.
  • Scaling: Champions that rely on items to scale into the late game benefit immensely from consistent last hitting.
  • Psychological Edge: Out-farming your opponent can give you a psychological advantage, making them play more cautiously.
  • Resource Allocation: If you’re efficiently farming in your lane, it allows your jungler to focus on other areas of the map.
  • Adaptability: Good last-hitting skills allow you to adapt to different matchups, ensuring you maintain a steady gold income even in tough lanes.
  • Enhance Gameplay with How to Start Playing League of Legends: For beginners, understanding the importance of last hitting and its impact can elevate your overall gameplay.
  • Continuous Improvement: As with any skill, there’s always room for improvement. The pursuit of perfect CS is a challenge even for veteran players.

Are there any specific champions that make last hitting easier?

Certain champions in League of Legends have abilities or auto-attack animations that make last hitting minions more straightforward. Here’s a list:

  1. Annie: Her Q ability refunds mana and its cooldown when it kills a unit, making it a great tool for farming.
  2. Nasus: His Q ability, Siphoning Strike, gains permanent damage every time it last hits a minion, monster, or champion.
  3. Veigar: Similar to Nasus, Veigar’s Q ability grants him permanent ability power when he last hits with it.
  4. Zed: His passive, Contempt for the Weak, deals bonus damage to enemies below 50% health, making last hitting easier.
  5. Irelia: Her Q ability, Bladesurge, resets its cooldown and refunds mana when it kills a target.
  6. Caitlyn: With one of the longest auto-attack ranges in the game, Caitlyn can last hit safely from a distance.
  7. Darius: His W ability, Crippling Strike, deals bonus damage and refunds its mana cost and half its cooldown when it kills a target.
  8. Karthus: Though it requires some practice, Karthus’s Q, Lay Waste, can be a powerful last-hitting tool.
  9. Practice: Regardless of the champion, practice is essential. Familiarize yourself with the champion’s auto-attack animation and abilities to optimize your last hitting.

What are some practice drills for improving last hitting?

Improving your last-hitting skills in League of Legends is crucial for maximizing your gold income and overall game impact. Here are some practice drills to help you refine your last-hitting mechanics:

  • Isolated Farming: Start a custom game without any bots. Focus solely on last hitting every minion in your lane without using any abilities. This drill helps you get a feel for your champion’s basic attack animation and timing.

  • Timed Challenges: Set a timer for 10 minutes and aim to achieve a specific CS count, like 80 or 90. Gradually increase your target as you get better.

  • Ability Farming: Some champions rely on their abilities to farm efficiently. Practice last hitting with these abilities to understand their damage and timing.

  • Under Tower Practice: Push the wave to your tower and practice last hitting under it. Remember, melee minions generally take two tower shots and one auto-attack, while caster minions take one tower shot and one or two auto-attacks.

  • Pressure Simulation: Ask a friend to join the custom game and apply pressure while you farm. This simulates a real-game scenario where you have to farm while dodging skill shots and avoiding harass.

  • Wave Management: Practice freezing the wave near your tower, slow pushing, and fast pushing. Understanding these techniques can help you control the lane and make last hitting easier.

  • Item Dependency: Start with different items in custom games to understand how they impact your last-hitting. For instance, see how your CSing changes with Doran’s Blade versus Long Sword.

  • Jungle Camp Practice: If you’re a mid or top laner, practice taking jungle camps between waves. This helps improve your farming efficiency.

  • Use How to Play Support: For bot laners, understanding how supports can set up minions for ADCs to last hit, especially under the tower, can be beneficial.

  • Consistent Review: After each drill, review your performance. Identify areas of improvement and adjust your practice routine accordingly.

By consistently practicing these drills and being mindful of your progress, you’ll see a marked improvement in your last-hitting skills over time.

Riven League of Legends Splash Art.

Wrapping Up: The Art of Farming in League of Legends

Mastering the art of farming in League of Legends is a journey, not a destination. As the game evolves, so should your techniques and strategies. Remember, every pro player started as a beginner, missing more CS than they’d like to admit. But with dedication, practice, and continuous learning, they reached the pinnacle of their gameplay. The resources and guides provided by Understanding LoL are here to support you on your journey. Whether you’re a novice looking to grasp the basics or a seasoned player aiming for perfection, there’s always room for growth. So, the next time you load into Summoner’s Rift, take a deep breath, focus on your farming, and visualize your path to victory. After all, in the grand arena of League, it’s not just about the battles you win but the gold you earn. Happy farming, Summoners!

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