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Tools and Sites Every League of Legends Player Should Know

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For those passionate about “League of Legends” (LoL), there’s a vast online world of resources, tools, and fun sites dedicated to enhancing your gameplay, keeping you updated, and providing entertainment. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills, stay updated with the esports scene, or simply have some fun, this comprehensive list has got you covered.

Skill Training

  • loldodgegame.com – Offers a wide variety of games: Skillshot, Farming, Dodge, Kiting, and even Insec.
  • popsmite.com – Pop Smite is a platform designed to rapidly enhance your Smite abilities in League Of Legends.
  • pg.mobalytics.gg – Platform to test mechanical and background processing skills, map awareness, and multitasking.
  • donttap.com – A mouse accuracy game.
  • arealme.com/apm-actions-per-minute-test – The APM (Actions Per Minute) Test is a tool designed to measure a player’s actions per minute. The test challenges users to click on numbers in descending order (from 50 to 1) as quickly as possible.

Top League of Legends Stats Sites

  • mobalytics.gg – A comprehensive platform that offers champion tier lists, guides, and personalized insights.
  • op.gg – Provides statistics, champion builds, and performance analytics for LoL players.
  • leagueofgraphs.com – Offers detailed statistics, champion win rates, and other insights for various ranks and regions.
  • u.gg – Features champion tier lists, counters, and build guides based on real-time data.
  • champion.gg – Delivers champion statistics, builds, and rune setups based on current meta and performance metrics.
  • yearin.lol – Summarizes a player’s performance in ‘League of Legends’ for the most recently completed season, using data from that season.
  • metasrc.com/lol – Provides statistical insights for “League of Legends” players, offering champion builds, stats, and tier lists for various game modes.
  • championmastery.gg – Showcases “League of Legends” players’ mastery scores and levels for individual champions.
  • loltheory.gg – Serves as a comprehensive guide for “League of Legends” players, offering detailed information on champions, including their builds and runes.
  • koreanbuilds.net – Provides champion builds sourced from top-tier summoners in Korea.
  • europeanbuilds.net – Offers champion builds derived from top-tier summoners in Europe.

Resources & Educational Sites for Learning the LoL

  • reddit.com/r/summonerschool – A subreddit dedicated to helping players improve and learn. It offers a wide range of resources, guides, and discussions related to “League of Legends”.
  • leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Wiki – A wiki site that provides detailed information about “League of Legends”.
  • youtube.com/user/SkinSpotlights – This YouTube channel showcases the latest skin spotlights and other related content.
  • lolesports.com – The official site about the LCS and other major “League of Legends” tournaments.
  • developer.riotgames.com – The official Riot API for developers to access game data.
  • proguides.com – ProGuides is a platform that offers comprehensive training for gamers. It provides a unique feature called “Discovery AI” that acts as a personal assistant guiding users to become better gamers.
  • skill-capped.com – Skill Capped is an online game learning platform designed to help players radically improve their gameplay.
  • mobafire.com – MOBAFire is a community-driven platform that offers up-to-date builds and guides for every “League of Legends” champion.
  • gamersensei.com – Gamer Sensei is the world’s premier esports coaching platform, connecting gamers with professional, fully vetted esports and gaming coaches.
  • leagueunleashed.com – League Unleashed is a dedicated platform for “League of Legends” coaching, offering insights from PRO and highly skilled players.

Pro Player Tracking and Spectating Tools

  • trackingthepros.com – An online platform that allows users to track professional “League of Legends” players, view their live streams, and get insights into their gameplay.
  • lolspectator.tv – Provides live spectate of high ELO “League of Legends” games from various regions, allowing users to watch and learn from top players.
  • eventvods.com – Eventvods offers spoiler-free VODs for various esports titles, including League of Legends, allowing users to catch up on matches without having the results spoiled.

Esports Sites - News & Stats

  • dexerto.com/league-of-legends – Dexerto offers the latest news, updates, and insights related to “League of Legends” esports, including tournament results, player transfers, and more.

  • gosugamers.net/lol – GosuGamers is a comprehensive platform that provides news, match schedules, and rankings for “League of Legends” esports.

  • dotesports.com/league-of-legends – Dot Esports covers the latest “League of Legends” esports news, including updates on players, teams, and tournaments.

  • oracleselixir.com – Oracle’s Elixir is a stats site dedicated to “League of Legends” esports, offering detailed player, team, and event statistics.

  • lol.fandom.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Esports_Wiki – The League of Legends Esports Wiki provides detailed information about players, teams, tournaments, and the history of LoL esports.

  • gol.gg/esports/home/ – GOL provides detailed statistics, match results, and other insights related to “League of Legends” esports.

  • strafe.com – Strafe is a platform that offers esports scores, stats, and news, including comprehensive coverage of “League of Legends” esports events.

  • escharts.com/news?game=lol – Escharts provides insights, breaking news, and the latest stats related to “League of Legends” esports events.

  • tracker.gg/lol – League of Legends Tracker offers leaderboards, stats, and other insights for LoL esports enthusiasts.

Riot Official Sites

  • leagueoflegends.com – The official website for “League of Legends”, where players can download the game, view the latest updates, and explore the world of Runeterra.

  • support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us – Riot Games’ official support page, offering solutions to common issues, FAQs, and a platform to contact the support team.

  • youtube.com/user/LoLChampSeries – The official YouTube channel for the “League of Legends” Championship Series, featuring live broadcasts, highlights, and interviews.

  • playruneterra.com – The official website for “Legends of Runeterra”, Riot Games’ card game set in the world of “League of Legends”.

  • wildrift.leagueoflegends.com – The official website for “League of Legends: Wild Rift”, the mobile and console version of LoL.

Fun Sites + Misc Tools

  • skill-issue.com – Online quiz to test knowledge of the game’s characters’ skills.
  • soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends – The official SoundCloud page for League of Legends where you can listen to various game-related soundtracks and themes.

  • teemo.gg – A platform for visualizing and interacting with 3D game models, useful for planning cosplays, drawing references, or appreciating the models​.

  • solokill.gg – A platform that showcases the best solo kills in League of Legends from various players.

  • na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/events/avatar-creator#/ – An official Riot Games tool that allows users to create their own League of Legends-themed avatars.

  • loldle.net – A fun and interactive site that challenges users to guess the champion based on a doodle representation.

  • lolguess.com – Test your knowledge of League of Legends champions, skins, and more with this guessing game.

  • displays.riotgames.com/en-us/ – HD screensavers and wallpapers, direct to your desktop.

Owner of understandinglol.com Website

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