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How to Download League of Legends Easy

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This tutorial will teach you how to download League of Legends and install it. 



Downloading League of Legends

  1. Open your browser, type in ” “, and hit Enter.
typing in your favorite browser

2. Click on the Google search bar that is located in the center of the page. Write ” download League of Legends “.

typing download League of Legends in Google's search bar

3. And click on the first link that shows up in Google as shown in the picture.

clicking the first link showing up in google after typing download league of legends in the search bar

4. Click the blue ” DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS ” (or Macintosh) button.

download button for league of legends

5. This will download league of legends client. Click on it. You can access it by directly clicking it in your bottom download bar if you are on PC or by pressing CTRL+J in your browser. If you are on a Mac press ⌘ + Option + l to bring up the downloads.

clicking League of Legends installer in downloads folder

6. If you want to install League of Legends in a custom location on your computer click ADVANCED OPTIONS. You may consider installing the game on an SSD solid-state drive. It will give a boost to the game performance. If not, you may skip this step entirely.

pressing advanced options button in league of legends installer

7. Click Install and wait for the client to be installed.

pressing install in league of legends installer

8. Run League of Legends client. A shortcut should appear on your desktop automatically. Locate it and double-click it.

icon of League of Legends on your computer's desktop

Creating a Riot Games Account

9. Create an account with Riot Games. Click ” CREATE ACCOUNT ” in the client window.

League of Legends account creation with an e-mail button

10. Enter your email on the newly opened page in your browser in the field “enter your email here”.

registering a Riot Games account with your email

11. Click START.

clicking start after entering your email that you wish to register with Riot Games

12. Enter your birth date and click the big NEXT button.

entering your birthdate and clicking next for the purpose of creating a riot games account

13. Type in your Username, password. Read and click Terms of Use and Privacy policy. Note: your Riot Username is not your in-game nickname. You will be asked to insert your nickname after you login in the game client.

entering your desired username, password and agreeing with the terms of use and the privacy policy when registering a riot account with your email

14. If you want to use your socials such as Facebook, Google account, or Apple ID to create an account with Riot Games you can do so. You will be asked to log in with your social account, do so, and then do steps 12 and 13. If you don’t want to use your social accounts to open an account with Riot Games you can completely ignore this step. Note that if you do this you go in your email and validate your account with Riot and enter a Riot ID.

riot games email asking you to verify your email address and create your Riot ID

Logging in the game client

15. Now go back to your League of Legends game client where you clicked CREATE ACCOUNT or used the social icons to create your login with Riot Games. Enter your username and password that you typed in step 13.

enter username and password in the league of legends client window

16. Press the big red arrow. Consider the option ” Stay signed in ” that will remember your username and password.

clicking the arrow-right in league of legends game client

17. If you haven’t read the terms of service and the privacy policy now you have the chance to do it in the game client. Scroll down to accept.

terms of service and privacy notice in league of legends client

18. Click the red “Accept” button.

clicking the terms of service and privacy notice button in league of legends client

19. Click the big white PLAY button.

clicking play button in league of legends client

20. Now, you will be asked to accept the Code of Conduct in League of Legends. Start by clicking ” COMPETE TO WIN ” and the rest of the rules will show up to be accepted as well. Click the big ” I’M IN” button.

accepting code of conduct in league of legends game client

21. Now the game client will ask you to enter your in-game nickname. People will be able to see this name that you set. Create one and press ” START NOW “.

picking nickname in League of Legends and then clicking start now

22. A blue bar will indicate in the left top corner the current status of your League of Legends download. Wait for it to be 100% and you are done.

blue bar indicating the current download status of league of legends game
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