Welcome to Project Understanding League of Legends

My name is Razvan and I am here to guide you through the secrets of the League of Legends world. I am a professional gamer with more than 25 years of experience. I have gathered trophies from a variety of games. From single-player games like Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 to team-based games like Counter-Strike 1.6, CS: GO, Battlefield 3, and many more. My passion for mind games started when I was a child and my uncle taught me to play chess. Since then, the games might have changed but the excitement didn’t. A funny thing to mention is that I didn’t even want to play League of Legends because I was more focused on the ongoing tournaments that I already had, but a close friend of mine insisted on spamming me with invites and I got hooked. I play League of Legends since the beta version and have never stopped playing since then. I have reached Platinum in mid-season 1 and 2, Platinum being the highest rank available then and Diamond later in mid-season 3. In seasons 4 and 5 I took a break from the professional career in League of Legends but when I came back, I was determined to win and finished on Challenger at the end of season 6. Because I played games like Starcraft, my comeback wasn’t as difficult as I would have thought. Since then, I have maintained my position. I started this project as a way to help others to commit to being better players while having fun and lots of it.

You are here to learn

This is only to name a few of what you need to master to fully understand the game.


Why am I doing this for free?

Because I want to help you become a better player for the entire League of Legends community and because I have been where you are, I think I might be the person that knows exactly what you need help at. I can help you improve your matches quality and because of that, you will be a strong opponent to play against or a powerful ally.

To summarize it, this project is designed to help you analyze, improve, learn and the most important maybe , a genuine, authentic, interesting gaming experience. GL&HF


As always, feel free to contact me with your questions regarding League of Legends. I’ll do my best to answer them all.

email: epicnoob@understandinglol.com